Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide eBook Review

Learning to play the guitar:

learning to play the guitar

With “Learning to play the guitar” Anthony Pell has written one of the most comprehensive books on learning to play the guitar that I’ve ever seen. I already play the guitar, and have for nearly 30 years, but I can still remember buying a book that came with cassette tapes (giving away my age now) that taught me a lot, but nothing like this book.What Pell does is to lay out how to play the guitar in a simple and easy to understand way, and then give the reader a website where you can both see in audio form how to do what he’s teaching, and on video so you can see what you’re supposed to do. I need both.

While I can play guitar, reading Pell’s book taught me more than I’d known, like how to do some lead work which I don’t do, and some new picking techniques.

Pell starts the book out with explaining the 3 kinds of guitars, nylon stringed acoustic, steel stringed acoustic, and electric guitar so you know right away which one would work best for you. Each is used in different kinds of music, and since you’ve probably been inspired by a particular type of music, you’ll want to know just how to get the same sound.

While Willie Nelson plays an ancient nylon stringed acoustic guitar and uses it as both a steel stringed acoustic and an electric, you might want to do things the easy way first.

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Next you learn the parts of the guitar which is important because you don’t want to go into a music guitar and have someone tell you that your guitar needs a fret-job, or that you have a string that’s off the nut, and look like a fool when you have no idea what they’re talking about(speaking from experience here).

From there, Pell talks about keeping track of your practice time, and tells you that a little every day is better than a lot on one day(we’re talking callouses). He’s a wise teacher and if you go through this book doing exactly what he says,( or you can get private lessons for $50 an hour) you can with enough desire and perseverance, learn to play the guitar. And what do they say? 10,000 hours to master something? Time to get busy and start practicing. That 1/2 hour a day does ad up over the year, and that’s not much to give towards a dream. – Robin Landry, 5 Stars on Amazon.com

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