Giuliani May Be A Stooge Of The Trump Administration Now, But Let’s Not Forget How Brave He Was To Come Out Against 9/11 When No One Else Would

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Rudy Giuliani’s recent work as part of Donald Trump’s legal team is utterly disgraceful, and his decision to align himself with a president so deeply steeped in corruption and hateful rhetoric is simply indefensible. But we as a country cannot completely demonize Rudy Giuliani, because even though he might currently… Read more… Read more:


Technical ignorance is not leadership

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There is a peculiar pattern that I have noticed among elites in the United States outside Silicon Valley, which is the almost boastful ignorance of technology. As my colleague Jon Shieber pointed out today, you can see that ignorance among congressmen throughout the whole Facebook/Cambridge Analytica saga. Our president has rarely sent an email, and […]


Abuse Of Power: Donald Trump Just Signed An Executive Order Stating That He Is Allowed To Get Inside John McCain’s Coffin With Him

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If you needed any more proof that President Trump can’t tolerate a personal slight without getting revenge, this story should do the trick: Just a few days after John McCain made it clear he doesn’t want the president attending his funeral, Donald Trump has signed an executive order stating that he is allowed to get… […]