Nuclear weapons are as confusing as they are deadly — here are 16 terms you keep hearing and what they actually mean

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KCNA (North Korea)   Nuclear weapons are humankind’s most fearsome creations. In a matter of minutes, one nuclear-armed nation can level dozens of cities, spread radioactive fallout for hundreds or thousands of miles, and wreck Earth’s climate. Most people are familiar with the basics: Slap together enough uranium or plutonium and — kaboom! — you […]


Diplomatic Snafu: North Korea Is Letting Trump Choose If He Wants Three American Hostages Returned Or A Mysterious Box That Could Have Anything Inside It

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As if diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea couldn’t get any more complicated, today’s new wrinkle comes along and adds a whole new complexity to the equation: Kim Jong-un is letting President Trump choose between the return of three American hostages or a mysterious box that could have… Read more… Read more: […]